The 3 Phases

Phase 1

Introducing this choice and option (Divine Plan) to all of humanity. Spreading a rapid and viral awareness of this choice.
Gathering the support and Individual consent of this choice in one place through consent/autographs (this is the registering), creating one huge voice of The People from ALL ages.

Creating and bringing together, administration teams from the Higher Consciousness community to act in union with the one selfless common goal of liberating all of humanity and establishing the full abundance for all of humanity.

Establishing and connecting representatives of The People of all countries into one network, connected to the worldwide administrative network.
This can be achieved in less than 2 months.

Phase 2

The worldwide representative administration groups of the plan will have been formed at this point, with a precise and clear forward directive.

Publicly proclaiming this voice worldwide through all communication sources as a world leader. Revealing the plan to existing companies, if they are not already aware by then, and showing how they fit into the equation of receiving total instant funding and providing future non-profit services.

Offering sources of existing monetary transactions, like banks and governments (if any left), the opportunity to support at a sub level, or step aside. There will be public announcements that identify any media, government, bank, and significant individuals that oppose this plan.

Informing and connecting with professional IT strategists to prepare for the implementation and distribution channel(s) and set up of the worldwide distribution of the funds network. Direct deposit networks already exist on the internet/Wi-Fi. Keep in mind the total number of significant leaders within banks and governments Globally are less than 1 million People, and this becomes a no contest towards a Voice of the People which contains between 1.7-5 billion autographs.
At the point of 1.7 billion autographs being reached, it becomes a very unwise decision for anyone to not support this plan, for once again, this plan is for immediate comfort and relief for all of humanity, and for one thing, it instantly eradicates poverty.

For anyone to oppose this, only reveals fully to the majority of the People Globally, the malevolent intent of the ones opposing, as well as the identity of those opposing. At this point, the restructured mainstream media will have no choice as but to support and report on this huge worldwide voice and assist further with updates and development going forward for humanity. A more refined plan at this point becomes visible, with registration of individuals into the system and with what cards are compatible, (like existing bank cards, of which perhaps all will be), and the distribution of reloadable cards to those without digital banking. There are many ways that this can easily and most efficiently work, with the best option being apparent at the time of this part of the plan. This distribution chain can be achieved in perhaps only days as the system is already available to support, through more than one way.

Remember, when You have a worldwide think tank focused on taking Humanity forward, there is only solutions to everything.

All existing world currencies are brought to par with the world’s strongest dollar at that time preceding the initial rollout of funds. All prices of things worldwide are frozen at this time.

The new money is created digitally and instantly by the Law of the People that supersedes any previous money and is the dominant money upon the planet, backed by the People themselves. Money does not require any asset backing, other than the People that create it, whereas the People can choose to not have it asset backed outside of their physical self, it becomes the choice, and unlimited money is instantly created, and sourced to All on an individual basis worldwide, as well as being in fluxed into existing societal and economic infrastructure, to wipe out any deficiencies there as well.

Phase 3

Begin the comfortable rollout of funds and eradication of all debt for those registered. Every Individual Globally receives their initial ~$20,000, which includes every man, woman, and child that has registered through their autograph/consent. Funds will be allocated above the initial $20,000, or more, for ones to purchase homes and vehicles that do not have adequate ones already.

All relevant essential companies and industry receive influxes of temporary operating funds. Everyone continues to work at essential jobs as the transition of the workforce begins. This is a transitional period that develops as we go along and the new system perhaps is to be looked at as an addition to the old system during this period, while the old system products are sold, and money is spent and merged with the new system, that fully becomes the new system, over a very quick time.

To maintain the slightest control upon humanity and to assure that humanity goes forward and does not stagnate, nor go on vacation, there is the condition upon receiving funds, that there is a contribution to community of hours worked. These hours will be minimal, and as the world workforce is transitioned to essential jobs, this leaves many past employees of non-essential work, to contribute their hours through a different essential job. It needs to be considered here that Your hours of work will become only a fraction of what they were before, You will have a choice to where You wish to contribute Your hours to society, as well as collect Your stress-free comfortable income. Seniors, disabled ones, etc., are not expected to contribute hours to community to receive their comfortable funding, this plan is fully humane and is for all people, giving them the full comfortable existence, and more!

We honor all old existing monetary wealth into the system as having equal par dollar value, giving those that have worked hard for what They have and have saved, the chance to spend it or transition it into the new money, while also collecting their comfort incomes they have activated as a result of uniting with the worldwide people in creating this unhindered new money.

At this point, there will be no reason for stock markets nor any financial trading, for companies no longer need to raise funds through vehicles like PP, s and stock options, and no need for profit. A financial market does not dictate the value of anything any longer, and there is the one temporary dollar value that becomes the method of exchange.

New Technology and present manufacturing capacity will be looked at by this time, and more of a direction known by then of where to, and what upon, put the most advancing focus for humanity, like focus upon the robotic technology and mass production to limit human labor. I mention here the 3D Printers and their ability as an example of technology to be replicated and progressed, especially because of its capacity to construct homes at incredible speeds. At this point, You have a worldwide think tank of billions that quickly together, find fast tracking solutions for everything. By eliminating cost out of everything, You speed manufacturing up with no cutting corners, which means products are made to last as well.