• GPMS newsletter issue 25
    The number of consents with this New Absolute World of, Absolute in Law, Planetary Peace, and Abundance for All, is consistently fanning. We have secured the place of the most liberating and powerful movement ever for the People on the planet, the Children of God. I will be making Public announcements that will be… Read more: GPMS newsletter issue 25
  • GPMS newsletter issue 24
    JOIN THE WORLDWIDE REFERENDUM currently taking place that changes the way the entire world has operated. This is a VOTE where Humanity gets to choose who operates things on the planet from now on, and a vote to bring in a completely new simplified system of money and law. Where governments, for aeons, constantly messed… Read more: GPMS newsletter issue 24
  • GPMS newsletter issue 23
    We are very excited to announce that the new website has been launched and we are now ‘back online’, ready to continue receiving consents. We send love and gratitude to all those involved in making this happen. The number of consents reflected are now more accurate as duplications have been removed. Moving forward we… Read more: GPMS newsletter issue 23