Mission and vision

We are a worldwide Authority above governments, to establish this same Authority for all people, where the People worldwide choose how they wish to live, instead of governments and others deciding for them. This mission gives you what some may call, a no brainer choice, a choice to exist as you are now, or another choice, which is this plan, which creates all of the solutions for humanity very quickly.

Our mission is to rapidly change the world to benefit all of humanity within months. The plan is simple, and fully achievable within months by collecting signatures/autographs worldwide from the People. You may wish to look at the mission as a worldwide vote, a referendum, by humanity, to implement immediate change and instantly wipe out all hindering things for humanity, such as lack, poverty, most sickness, and the requirement to work long hours just to survive.

At least 95% of the People worldwide will choose what we have initiated and are purveying unto you, it is the most unprecedented humane venture ever to rapidly eradicate all of humanities problems. So, we are collecting the consents/autographs of support, to create the worldwide voice, by recording the so-called votes from humanity here, all in one place, and creating the dominant voice upon the planet, to transition humanity from lack to abundance. If your governments had the best interests in mind for humanity, this could have been done a long time ago, so it is very obvious of a governments intent when the solution has always been so easy, for them to create money unlimitedly and disperse equally, and they did not do it for the people.

The intelligence upon the planet was here to do what we are doing, You see it indicated through amazing technology, yet, governments chose to use money as a control factor over people, and caused all of the lack, sickness, misery etc., this simple plan eradicates governments nonpublic interest and puts the power and the voice into the hands of the majority worldwide, that want the good things for all and themselves, and it gets done, by the worldwide people uniting as one voice, that makes all of the decisions for humanity. Once we have collected enough votes of support, approximately 1.7 billion worldwide, We are ready to proceed as a collective Voice lead by higher Consciousness People that are not attached to any governments or present-day leaders of the world.

These higher Consciousness People have been previously prepared for this time to be the Administrators of this plan and to fully enact it into law worldwide, for peace, harmony, and complete abundance for all of humanity.