Get Involved

Get Involved

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out what you can do to get involved!

We are so excited and thrilled that you are considering contributing to the Global People’s Monetary System with your time and energy. Below is a list of skills/talents and passions that can make a huge impact on the development and implementation of the Global People’s Monetary System. If you have a skill/talent or passion that is not listed, not to worry as you can complete the open text box below.

We look forward to our connection, and all of your many gifts that will create our future self governing society. If you are reading this, you are on the path of freedom and empowerment for the People of Earth. We are not victims. We are Creators. Together, we shall inherit the Earth.

The following is a questionnaire to help direct each and every connection to expand our community developments.

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    Admin MS Office
    Graphic Arts
    Web Development
    Writing Reporting
    Natural Law


    Please list all talents, passions, skills, previous job industry, that may relate to the above sections or perhaps something additional that you can provide support for. No skill is too big or too small, so please, list them all. What does your heart love to do?