The website will be in different languages? How can we reach people in different languages? Or what about volunteers who go around their communities to get autographs signing (like the one you sign when you receive petition by mail)?

On the website, there is a dropdown on the Home page for translation. We have people who have translated the other documents that will be available i.e., Comparison of Old vs New system. The Decree for Authorization will not be mailed. The People will have the option to sign via their phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. For anyone that does not have one of these technology devices, they can request a Community Relations Facilitator visit them to obtain their digital authorization i.e., indigenous people.

Do we have to pay back grants?

All non-criminal debt will be discharged, wiped out. In the new system, there are no grants, loans, or repayment of humanitarian funds.

Why wait for all the authorizations a.k.a. signatures to implement the new system?

The new system is of the People’s agreement and consent. As with any new Worldwide implementation there must be a quorum of consent to shift the consciousness and overpower the current system of control. This will serve to substantiate that it is REAL and not Fictious.

The autographs are being used to Create a Unified consented voice that CANNOT be contested by any of the OLD governments, banks, etc. This is FULL liberation for ALL of Humanity which is why it is so important we focus on energizing the NEW NOW.

We are here to SIMPLIFY things & to OFFER this as an easy Choice which is absolutely transparent. When you read and innerstand the Divine Plan, you will find that an autograph simply supports this, there is no obligation.

What system of distribution will be used for the monies?

The People will decide which Quantum system best fits their needs. There are already Quantum systems in place and new systems in development. Creation is moving amazingly fast at this time and best for the Peoples to make this decision prior to distribution so that the best system is utilized at that time.