Do we have to invest to get the initial $12,000?

No, there is no request for an investment, today nor will there be any monies requested at the time of funding. The initial amount of $12,000 may change, if it does it will be more. The initial amount is Invented to start the process from “Debt” to “Comfort”, using the monies for immediate medical, buy car, rent a home, buy clothes, etc. Many of these things will be covered at no cost and the initial amount will give people a good jump start.

The only “investment” would be donations to help fund the 100% volunteer efforts i.e., pay for web hosting (funds have already been raised for this), travel for Ambassadors (free in the new system), hard costs – not salaries or profit. As always, we have put out a request for monies needed and the People have always responded graciously.