All Inclusive, will people that have committed crimes against Humanity be allowed to join us?

A1: The short answer is “yes”, that anyone may join, however, the full answer shows how those that committed crimes against Humanity, will be participating at a lower level in the beginning if they join, and a more reclusive existence to follow, whereas their crimes will be known to ALL, and for various reasons by default, they will be individually withdrawn from the full benefits of the system. Whereas the Peoples system does not promote discrimination nor judgment, All must be allowed to join, and individual circumstance dictates later if One continues in the system or not. Personally, I do NOT see any of these villains joining, for it goes against their agenda, and there is no chance for them to assume any prominent position in the New System. One also has to consider the majority of the Good People worldwide, over 90% of the population, knowing the identity of these villains, does NOT allow for these villains to participate in a society that is opposite to what they are. To fully answer the question, and the Human reasoning with it, a little more is written below. It is important to not become fixated upon what may appear to be a negative thing, for as this evolves, it becomes fully positive, the focus is to go forward, where things like this are naturally/Divinely taken care of and do not even manifest into existence.

A2: As a result of Us going forward, many of Those that committed crimes against Humanity, will be revealed, and Those that have already been proven guilty by the lower legal systems will not enjoy the full benefits of the People. We as a People, would become no better than those that caused harm, by physically harming them. To escape such a scenario and advance Humanity into Humane, there will be NO physical harm or death Action taken by the People.
The Lawful People’s Court upon the inception of the system, deals with any discovered crimes thereafter against the People. Monetary crimes become only a misdemeanor of sorts and it would be a waste of time to make a Lawful decision upon them, however, it does not mean that the People may decide to decide an action depending upon the severity of the crime if it advertently and/or indirectly caused physical harm to any Human in any unprovoked circumstance.

The People’s Court is the Highest Court upon the planet, and is Known as Divine Law, which supersedes any other Law or legal system. Any judgement made by the People’s Court does NOT ever physically harm a criminal, they are separated from the Peoples System depending upon the severity of their crimes. This may be an island, for example, however, they will have their basic needs, for the Peoples would lose their own Lawful status by deprivation of sustenance. Divine occurrence also dictates Energetically who survives the Wrath an individual may have created for themselves by insidious deeds towards Others.