Who has set this website up? What organisation?

We The People have set this up. Rick Jewers was guided by Creator to start the 5D GPMS timeline, and has done so. We the People are making it happen, collectively, in Unity. GPMS will become formalised (aka become an organisation) in phase 2.

Herewith the “About” section from the GPMS Facebook Group:


This group is the beginning point for the full freedom and abundance for All of Humanity. Within a few short months, an UNLIMITED AND COMFORTABLE MONEY CAN BE CREATED BY US, THE PEOPLE, depending upon the timing of the amount of autographed support We compile. At this time, Global numbers ARE SUGGESTING that the MAJORITY of The People ARE READY TO DO THIS, so it only requires enough individual/group autographed consent, all in one place, to make it the REALITY FOR ALL. We wish to bring ALL Groups and Individuals TOGETHER here temporarily, that have been working on ALL similar proceedings by The People and the past. This initializing of bringing ALL groups and Individuals together as ONE GLOBAL VOICE, is one of the first important steps in Global Action to implement for ALL PEOPLES upon the planet, the simplified plan and instructions here of how it is being done. This PLAN supersedes ALL previous plans and converges all templates into one VOICE.

At this time, We are also RECOGNIZING autographs for Children supporting this as young as 12 years old, and perhaps even younger. This NEW PLAN gives Children a voice and input they NEVER had before, giving Them a say in Their future, and freeing Them completely as well from the old nonsensical limited monetary system that caused lack, misery, poverty, sickness, death and more. This PLAN and New Peoples system totally does the opposite written in the last sentence, and can be integrated upon the planet within months, no more waiting for governments or someone else to do it, WE ALL TOGETHER MUST DO THIS NOW, and the time is right, whereas the last year woke many up to that something in the least, is seriously wrong with the old system, SO WE, THE ~7 BILLION PEOPLES OF THE WORLD ARE TAKING THINGS INTO OUR OWN HANDS. Even with 2 billion registering through Their autograph, it IS ENOUGH to advance things very quickly. So, the numbers are here NOW, We just need to bring every Human together, show them the simple plan, the choice they have, and everyone that sees it will quickly support it, for this really is not a matter of choice, the PLAN makes the decision for Each One, it is that simple.



With unlimited money, may come ‘unlimited consumption and capitalist mentality’ etc..What solutions have you visioned moving forward with the impending waste explosions? I mean if money is unlimited, everyone “may” want a private aeroplane etc? lol

We the People are tasked with distributing abundance in a responsible manner (which is why the initial roll-out is rather small.) As the Global Consciousness expands and the people become more self-responsible and aware, so too will the distribution of value/funds/money. Creator/Source will prompt these increases as and when humanity can handle each next step up.

After The Event/Solar Flash, most people will automatically have a change of heart away from overt consumerism (abuse of natural resources, greed, personal enrichment) to sustainable living (environmental restoration & protection, needs-based living, community enhancement.) IOW, people will BE self-responsible.

The website will be in different languages? How can we reach people in different languages? Or what about volunteers who go around their communities to get autographs signing (like the one you sign when you receive petition by mail)?

On the website, there is a dropdown on the Home page for translation. We have people who have translated the other documents that will be available i.e., Comparison of Old vs New system. The Decree for Authorization will not be mailed. The People will have the option to sign via their phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. For anyone that does not have one of these technology devices, they can request a Community Relations Facilitator visit them to obtain their digital authorization i.e., indigenous people.

Why wait for all the authorizations a.k.a. signatures to implement the new system?

The new system is of the People’s agreement and consent. As with any new Worldwide implementation there must be a quorum of consent to shift the consciousness and overpower the current system of control. This will serve to substantiate that it is REAL and not Fictious.

The autographs are being used to Create a Unified consented voice that CANNOT be contested by any of the OLD governments, banks, etc. This is FULL liberation for ALL of Humanity which is why it is so important we focus on energizing the NEW NOW.

We are here to SIMPLIFY things & to OFFER this as an easy Choice which is absolutely transparent. When you read and innerstand the Divine Plan, you will find that an autograph simply supports this, there is no obligation.