The GPMS is created by the people of Earth (all of us)

GPMS needs your active participation by saying YES, it’s as simple as that!

Within a few short months, unlimited and comfortable money can be created by us, we the people of planet earth. At this time, Worldwide numbers are suggesting that the majority of The People are ready to do this. It requires having individual consent all in one place, to create a voice and make it the reality for all.

We are aware that there are similar proceedings by The People currently worldwide and in the past. We desire to bring all Groups and Individuals together in unity. We are providing a space to invite all groups and individuals together in one worldwide voice! This is the first step in Worldwide Action to implement for all people the simplified plan and instructions of how We the People can and will implement the Global People’s Monetary System.

This new plan gives Children a voice, Choice and input for their future they never had before. Freeing them from the old nonsensical limited monetary system that caused lack, misery, poverty, sickness, death, and even the restriction of freedoms, and the god given rights every child is born with.
With this said, ANY Parent of Guardian can consent for their child, even if only 1 minute old, and the Children, as soon as they Innerstand GPMS, can consent for themselves.

The Global People’s Monetary System is the reverse of what is currently operating. Currently 1% controls the monetary system leaving the 99% to comply with a debt system. With agreement of the People, debt no longer exists into the future and all previous legitimate debts, are paid off instantly from the unlimited money supply We Create. The debt slate is wiped clean and thrown away, to never exist again.
The GPMS can be integrated upon the planet within months. No more waiting for governments or someone else to do it!!

The time is upon us to shift. We must all act together now.

2020 was the year for Clear Vision and 2021 is the year of change.
No more waiting for government or elected officials to continue their increasing debt agenda for the 99%.

We, the majority of the populace worldwide, the many billions, are taking things into Our Own hands.

With approximately 20% of Humanity registering Their consent here, all in one place, it Creates the strongest voice ever known to Humanity, outweighing the population of any single country. At this point, this Voice becomes the dominant voice of the planet and cannot be ignored by the old authorities and leaders, they have no choice but to comply with the worldwide intent and administration of the People.

The People have the ultimate power and authority, once united in one voice.

The next step, we create our own open unlimited flow of money and establish individual comfort worldwide for every woman, man and Child, wiping out lack and poverty, instantly, among many other disharmonies that were forced upon the People in the past.


  • Let the People know they have a Choice – share the Plan.
  • Go to the Consent page and complete your consent.
  • Shift Consciousness
  • Live FREE and Sovereign as God intended.

We invite you to share this information and plan virally worldwide! So that all people see this choice before them. We can choose to implement this very quickly for all of humanity.

Thank you!

Love and Light
Global People’s Monetary System