GPMS newsletter issue 24

JOIN THE WORLDWIDE REFERENDUM currently taking place that changes the way the entire world has operated. This is a VOTE where Humanity gets to choose who operates things on the planet from now on, and a vote to bring in a completely new simplified system of money and law.

Where governments, for aeons, constantly messed things up, completely and instantly implements the full solution worldwide. You now have a choice worldwide, to vote for your Self and those likeminded moral Ones, or refrain from voting and leave the old power structures of governments intact and continue to experience suffering and enslavement, that leads to early death. There is no doubt that someone can do a better job on the planet than existing governments, and it is, and it only takes the MAJORITY VOTE worldwide supporting it, then instantly WE implement the new abundant and free system for All. Poverty and health care costs are only two of the numerous costs that INSTANTLY eliminates WORLDWIDE, along with all stress, for stress is the major cost for humanity.

We have everything required to implement the system, we only require the MAJORITY VOTE worldwide for, and you will be in the complete Heaven on Earth Scenario. We have the Law, we have unlimited access to money for ALL. We have the Plan, Strategy, full dynamics and skill set, the full direction and absolute means to implement this new ”DO NO HARM” System.

People are dying more rapidly now and this can be prevented quickly providing that each steps up and assists with doing what is moral and righteous and supporting the majority agreement through their “consent” on our website, where the majority voice is being counted, and share this most serious vote ever for mankind, worldwide. Love Light and Gratitude – Rick Jewers

Philippines – As more Divine feminine energy unites in the Philippines we can see how it manifests in the number of consents being gathered on papers from the areas with communities deprived of the internet services. Several empowered Divine Sisters and Brothers are finding ways and means to reach out for those people whom they know that are willing to consent to the GPMS Divine Plan without any hesitation or doubts as to its implementation in the very near future.

As evidenced by the consistent growing number in the counter as well as the submission of lists of names to those who are willing and able to assist in the registration on the website, we are leveraging the work load as a united team of representatives and contributors from different islands of the archipelago from up North down to the South.

Brothers and Sisters who have been with GPMS in its early inception are now rising and shining getting themselves empowered and recognized as the pillars that they are from the very beginning. We are seeing, knowing and remembering what we have signed in for in this very spectacular and most awaited event in the whole Universe. WE ARE READY AND OPEN FOR A HIGHER DIVINE SERVICE, AND SO IT IS. – Philippines Guardians

USA – The current debt per capita is around $96,500 in the United States. This means that every Child born and registered into the U.S. economy owes $96,500 plus the health cost of being born which is around $18,800. This leaves a one week old Child with a bill/debt of around $115,300.

With scenario, a Child is born FREE and Given an equivalent initial amount of $20,000 U.S. dollars and $10,000 each month thereafter. The Child also is guaranteed to have a home and everything the Child needs. By comparing the above two scenarios, it is easy to see the best choice that any parent can responsibly make for their Child and their Child’s future.

India – “Everyone is noticing that many beautiful souls-brothers and sisters are aligning with highly positive known consent signing to our family GPMS (Global Peoples’ Monetary System). This is a beautiful moment for all of us as we have crossed the 10K of beautiful souls who have voted for our unalienable rights and full of abundance – wealth, health, happiness and Love. The Compound Effect and Ripple effect formulae are soon going to notice a high level of positive vibrations reaching other beautiful souls to get aligned. Leaders and Guardians of GPMS from several states of India have started spreading the words and message of our GPMS. Many are noticing how people talk about GPMS, that soon will be aligned with our family.

The dawn of creation of our New Planet Earth has already started. The transformation of our earlier planet earth from 3D lower consciousness into 5D higher consciousness, only started from our thoughts. Positive thoughts of high energy can transform and make everything change. These are the thoughts and minds that matter were created out of it besides the linear space and time. Your high level of positive thoughts in our vision and mission of our beautiful journey of GPMS will surely raise all living beings on this entire planet earth.

Everything is Energy, Frequency and Vibration only. Cleaning and clearing out of dark forces and negative energies almost completed and everyone soon will actually experience these 5D moments. Activation of Mother arcs and pillars at several places done and many could acknowledge this by following one of our Guardians brother @Rick in his social media channels.

Let’s create history and experience together with beautiful moments that are full of abundance-Wealth, Health, Happiness and Love. It happens with the journey through our GPMS. With abundance of Love, Light & Gratitude” ~Pritam(Guardian)

Guardians Contact Information & their Current Locations
Guardians, now transient around the world, are open to meeting with any Speakers/Leaders of the People.

Rick Jewers Romania @rickjewers33 (telegram) / FB : Rick Jewers

Lee Mudway Cambodia / @L3333M (telegram) / FB: Lee Mudway

Ao Henry Australia / @AoHenry (telegram) / FB: Henry Draper

Yolanda Toti Spain / @Toti4life (telegram) / FB: Yolanda Toti

Mariana Planells Philippines / @planellsmariana (Instagram) / FB and Lkdn : Mariana Planells

Pritam Kumar India / @starseednlightworker (telegram)

Utsab Kumar Nath India /

Joginder Pal India / @joginder_pal (telegram)

Femke Sjoukje Romania
@IAMLOVEingYou (telegram) / FB: Femke sjoukje

Nga Tran Austria / @ngayintran33 (telegram)

Dean Willis Indonesia / @DeanWillis1111 (telegram)

Denovan Truman UK / @DenovanTruman (telegram)

Darren Sissions UK / @Sizonie (telegram)

Wandra Rigans Uganda / @WANDERA1357 (telegram)

Emily Linn USA / @EmilyLinnMille1 (twitter) / global.peoples.monetary.system (Instagram)

Lody Raymundo Philippines / Lody 4quartz or Lody Krystaleen (telegram) / FB: Lody Raymundo or Krystal Legaspi

Beatrice Dumitrascu Canada /

Consents Worldwide

Total Consents : 56 623
(selected countries)

Thailand: 17 915
Philippines: 15 492
India: 10 353
Peru: 3 241
United States: 3 106
United Kingdom: 847
Canada: 840

Newsletter Issue 24
4 October 2023