Comparison Old vs New

1. What you have now
1. You keep all of it
2. Taxes
2. No taxes, do not exist nor required worldwide
3. Debt
3. No debt, only unlimited funding
4. Loans /mortgages
4. No loans/mortgages, only free funding
5. Loans /mortgages /debt to be paid back
5. All Lawful loans /mortgages /debt globally rapidly settled
6. Worry about having enough money
6. Never worry about having enough money again
7. No vehicle or home
7. A vehicle and a home
8. Working long hours to survive
8. Hours are quickly reduced to a fraction
9. Do not like job
9. Choose a position/talent You like & contribute to worldwide community
10. Limited basic needs
10. Everything You require to live comfortably
11. Poverty
11. Poverty rapidly eradicated worldwide
12. No free monetary monthly supplements
12. ~ $20,000 U.S. first month, $10,000 per month thereafter
13. Wages
13. Wages become irrelevant and are quickly phased out
14. Existing wealth
14. Honored into New System at par with strongest currency
15. Existing monetary wealth in funds/investments, etc.
15. Redeemed and removed from stock markets into accounts
16. Savings and retirement funds
16. Not required, endless supply of money
17. Stock Markets/Investments
17. No requirement for Stock markets nor investments
18. Profit and loss
18. No profit, only sharing, no loss, only unlimited gain
19. Fines
19. No monetary nor material fines, all fines eradicated
20. Permits, fees, insurance, license
20. Nonexistent, not required
21. Restrictive trade
21. Free trade worldwide, products allocated where required
22. Many global currencies
22. One global currency /method of exchange, Lawful Dollar
23. Many global currencies with many different values
23. All currencies brought to par with world’s strongest
24. Proportionate Asset backed currency
24. Currency requires NO asset backing, You are the Asset
25. Children spending many years in schools
25. Children not required to go to schools
26. Children have little choice in what They learn
26. Children have full choice in what They wish to learn
27. Restriction on number of Children Parents can have
27. No restriction, have as many Children as Ones wish
28. Children’s voice under 18 mostly not heard
28. Children’s voice heard, with parents/guardians speaking for ALL Children unable to speak for themselves
29. Degrees and diplomas
29. Not required
30. Senior Citizen/Social Assistance/Disability Pension
30. Increased to approximate figures shown in point “12”
31. Some Seniors and disabled Ones forced to work
31. It becomes Their choice, no requirement
32. Healthcare expenses
32. All Healthcare Expenses Globally are FREE
33. A cost to live
33. No cost to live, You Actually Thrive
34. Restrictive travel
34. Inalienable right to travel freely upon planet and live
35. Borders and countries
35. No borders nor countries, only geographical areas
36. Limited technology
36. Many new technologies
37. Stringent restrictive laws and regulations
37. Simple Laws, non-restrictive
38. Very limited Rights and ability to choose
38. Full Individual Rights and Right to Choose
39. Divorce Courts
39. Not required
40. Utility bills
40. Utilities are free
41. Inflation
41. Prices frozen pre roll out, then deflation on prices
42. Many beliefs and religions
42. Individual Choice
43. Improper waste management and garbage disposal
43. Global Proper waste facilities, full planetary clean up
44. Pollution
44. Rapidly reduced, new technology released to clean up
45. Individual country government voting
45. Worldwide participation by the People in decision making
46. Less than 1 million controlling money
46. ~7 billion People enjoying access to instant funding
47. Company /business /government payrolls
47. Payrolls become nonexistent
48. Governments and Political Parties
48. Administration & Committees chosen by the People Worldwide, shortly after Phase 3 if required
49. Global competition
49. No competition, only sharing
50. Many banks
50. A few distribution centers of funds
51. Charities
51. Not required, everyone has more than enough
52. Tension and fighting between countries /governments
52. Nothing to fight about, there is no lack
53. Huge militaries and weapons
53. No militaries nor weapons of war
54. GMO foods
54. Organic and heirloom seeds replenished
55. Misery for many
55. Happiness for All
56. Lack
56. Abundance for All