About GPMS

Global People’s Monetary System, [12.02.21 12:16]
You have the full ability to Activate UNLIMITED money for Your Self by joining Globally with the majority of People also who wish to do the same. It is easy to innerstand that an actual human created the first money and that every Human upon the planet is fully entitled to do the same. There is NOTHING that gives the full LAWFUL right, for only a few to create money, like banks and governments. That same right to create money is what We are Activating and combining within You, to create the unlimited access to money, for every Feminine, Masculine and Child upon the planet. It requires Your support, the Unity, and it is a done deal that no bank nor government can prevent.

Love and Light


Global People’s Monetary System, [11.02.21 09:34]
The concept with “Rick Jewers The Global Peoples New Monetary System”, (this is the TEMPORARY name of the group set up on Facebook ) IS RELATIVELY SIMPLE.

We gather signatures/autographs worldwide to Create a POWERFUL GLOBAL VOICE that wishes to Co-Create a NEW monetary system, THAT THE PEOPLE OWNS. The Majority of the People on the planet DECIDES, if they wish to live in the old restrictive money reality, or ENJOY an abundant money reality, that THE PEOPLE CONTROL AND CREATE AT WILL, making it an unlimited access to money, NO MORE LACK OR SUFFERING, NO MORE WORRY.

We show the People what they have NOW, and We compare it to what the People Globally TOGETHER can Create quickly.

We, by Uniting as ONE GLOBAL VOICE CAN Create the UNLIMITED MONEY FOR Every One upon the planet.

Anyone that signs, Activates Their potential to Create Money instantly, THEN, when ENOUGH signatures are collected, about 1.7 billion, We add the signatures TOGETHER, which Creates a worldly VOICE THAT MUST BE HEARD AND ACCOMMODATED BY THE DESIRES OF THAT VOICE, WHICH IS THE ABUNDANT CREATION OF MONEY. Which means, POVERTY AND LACK ARE INSTANTLY eradicated from the planet.

People of the Earth, Your governments and leaders are NOT going to do this for You, else, it would have ALREADY been done. YOU MUST DO IT BY UNITING, then this disempowers governments ability at restricting Your access to money, and making You work hard, and with many hours, for the money You get from the government controlled society.

It IS SIMPLE and We can DO THIS in a few short months. The world as You knew it, IS ABOUT TO CHANGE TO THE MOST ABUNDANT AND HARMONIOUS WORLD.

It COSTS You NOTHING, only Your registered support through Your signature/autograph, and the little bit of time it takes to register.


We should have the AUTOGRAPHING website up soon, where this is a global thing, it is taking a little longer NOW than anticipated, to get it done RIGHT. We suggest to keep informing Others of what is coming while We wait for the registering/autograph website, then MORE are already Aware so that We may get this Peoples Own monetary system up and running ASAP. This SAVES All of Humanity.

Love and Light