Divine Plan

Divine plan for the New Earth

The time has come for Humanity to establish what is rightfully ours, our share in the entire infrastructure upon the planet that was built by your contributions. every child, woman, and man have contributed in some way to the existing infrastructure upon the planet, and therefore are actual owners, or shareholders. This plan transitions Humanity from monetary debt to monetary comfort and beyond with unlimited abundance. This plan is an outline for the new reality that of which we have not experienced yet. This plan will replace that of which we have been experiencing, it is not a restructuring of what we already have, rather a transitioning out of the old and into the new. We the People have the power to shift and create with unlimiting abilities as we are the Spark of the Divine and can choose our creations together, which includes an unlimited abundance in the form of money.

We will create together, upon the voice of the majority of Humanity being collected in one place, which is this website of GPMS, a money that requires no extrinsic asset backing. We as People have the full right and ability to join together and create a money that is shared and distributed equally to every child, woman, and man, that has an unlimited value, because each one is the value, and there is nothing outside of the self that is required to be used as an asset backing, you are the asset. each ones monetary worth is unlimited when the majority of the People upon the planet want and choose to come together to create this financially stress free world.

In order to enact this Divine plan a new law is not required. We the People have the authority to implement the new system. With the majority consent of the Global People who are acting in capacity for the greater good of Humanity the Divine plan can be implemented with grace and ease. The Divine plan does not differentiate between race nor beliefs, this is an
all-inclusive plan that has Humanity coming together with the one common goal.

1. A Divine Monetary System

A Divine Monetary System created by the People is already available via existing technology, and is easy to Activate and implement. The People are the owners of this technology and we just need to exercise that right. It is unlimited as God intended. The routing and payment systems for the distribution of funds worldwide already exists, it is the present ownership of this existing system, which will be assumed/acquired by the People as the operating system for the distribution of unlimiting funding that the GPMS voice creates. The Divine Monetary System is open ended and only a transitional system, that sees Humanity quickly evolving to the realization, that money is not required in the worldwide community at all .

All industry is owned together by the People and individual ownership of this becomes nonsensical and noncompatible with the divine system. Everything is in place to fully support and operate this system now, only requiring the support of the worldwide people.

Governments, politicians, and past oligarchs cannot prevent this, for they represent less than 1% of the global population. They can assist, share, and join, or be separated by their own choice, but will not hold any administrator positions, these positions will be held by the Highest Consciousness Divine Ones that are here upon the planet for this specific reason, to advance Humanity forward into complete Harmony, Love, Joy, Freedom and Abundance.

2. Immediate funding for all People

Immediate funding to all People to set up their living needs. Initial amount would be approximately $20,000 US dollars (US Dollars is being used only for illustration as this will be a new monetary system created by the People and will be unlimited by design).
A monthly amount of approximately $10,000 would be implemented thereafter during the transition, for rapid deflation occurs. Once the full extent of the unlimited Monetary System is implemented the monthly amount is illuminated and the unlimited access to resources will take its place.

Note: basic needs will be FREE upon further transition i.e., housing, food, clothing, medical, etc.
This is a temporary amount to assure immediate comfort, as the system rapidly evolves further into full prosperity, and to Create a direct route towards the rapid advancement for Humanity. This eliminates the fear and anxiety created by lack of monetary resources.

The monthly income does come with the condition to contribute to community/society a certain number of hours or value exchanged to community on a monthly basis by those able to contribute. As little as 10 hours a month in the beginning is very possible, with less hours as we transition. This becomes possible as the workforce becomes repositioned in society to essential positions, as non essential positions are eliminated, for example, many financial and government sector jobs. People will be given a choice to do their hearts work to contribute to their local community and then the world at large.

3. Goods and services

Large sums of money will be distributed to all humanitarian projects to begin the transformation to wholeness, as all essential goods and services providers are fully funded by the Monetary System.

4. Eradication of Debt

Eradication of all current Debt: credit cards, taxes, mortgages, loans notes, etc. None of these financial debts will exist in the new monetary system because the old system of accounting will be dissolved. People will have access to unlimited resources so profit, loss or gain no longer have any purpose.

5. Energy and utilities

Energy and utilities are free; phone, electricity/gas, fuel, communications, etc., for these are essential/comfort services that will be fully funded by the Monetary System.

6. Health care

Personal choice for Health care, medical services and/or supplies are free.

7. Technology

Release of all suppressed technology and funding for all health care, medical and natural medical alternative options.

8. Distribution of funds

Administrators of funds Globally will be set up with simple programs to distribute funds quickly upon roll out of the New System and to distribute card access for all upon the surface.

9. Establish Simplified Divine Natural Law

Establish Simplified Divine Natural Law that has the unalienable rights as its base. Only cases that involve physical harm to another will be addressed. i.e., because access to funds is unlimited all monetary/white collar crimes will be non-existent.

10. Land ownership

Anyone that currently owns real estate will continue to be in possession of the land, buildings, etc, and this property can be shared with Others as per unselfish mutual agreements if it is excessive for the present owner. All Native and Indigenous lands will be recognized and protected to those that have been occupying the land. All property currently under government protected land will be transferred to the People as a whole under the same or more stringent protection; this is to include but not exclusive of nature preserves, parks, national parks, sanctuaries, wildlife preserves both land and water, etc. All government land or water masses that are not included in the natural lands and water as listed above will be returned to the People i.e., government buildings, natural resources – water, electricity, gas, etc. The balance of the land will no longer have boundaries. People will be able to locate to geographical locations that once were prohibited due to cost. This will no longer be an issue because of free energy technology and access to unlimited funds. No invasion or intrusion, there will be a natural mutual migration. People will be able to have their own land to be self-sufficient and not hording the land.

11. Travel

Travel upon the world is free of cost and restriction, with respect.

12. Manufacturing capacity

Release and funding for suppressed technology for all sectors of creation. Manufacturing capacity becomes focused upon essentials to Human advancement.

3. Restoration of the planet

Complete restoration of the planet is instantly and fully funded, which includes, but not limited to, planting of forests, restoration of Natural waterways, toxic waste clean up, and proper waste management and containment systems.

14. Product materials

All new products are made for longevity and any products using metal as part of their construction will be made of a more pure metal as the high quality of metal contained in military equipment will be recycled for this use.

15. Military

There are no military forces in this New World, they are no longer required in this new absolute world of Peace and Harmony

The above Articles are a general set of guidelines and a more inclusive plan and guidelines is already known, that is simplistic, that is not written yet. All of the mechanics of implementation and operating the New System are also in existence.