Group Consent

Due to persistent abuse and the abject failure of users to READ and FOLLOW the instructions the Group Consent form has been moved to a PRIVATE page.

To submit a Group Consent you must now APPLY for access.

You will then be interviewed and screened via a Zoom/Telegram video conference call. Upon completion of that approval/screening process you will be supplied with a URL and a password to access the Group Consent page.

You do NOT have the right to override the Free Will decision of ANY other Sovereign Being: they MUST consent for THEMSELVES because this represents THEIR ENERGETIC CONTRACT.

The Group Consent form was built for VERY SPECIFIC PURPOSES which is REPEATEDLY explained, yet not followed by these group submitters.

Thank you for your understanding.

Love and Light
GPMS Web Team

This Group consent form is NOT FOR FAMILIES !!!

The purpose of phase-1 of the GPMS site is to obtain SOVEREIGN consent of the people. That means all individuals, AND EACH FAMILY MEMBER need to individually put their own hand up and be counted – that is in line with Universal Free Will Choice.

(Parents/Guardians can submit consent on behalf of Minors/Dependents),

The default form to use is the Individual Consent form.

WRT to this Group consent form:

Once a leader has become aware of the GPMS, their job as group leader is to educate/inform their members of the members’ ability to decree and consent for themselves.

(Spread the word to your membership.)

THE MEMBERS need to EACH submit their OWN individual Sovereign Declaration. Leaders cannot take their members’ free will choice away and make unilateral decisions for them, especially when the members are fully capable of submitting their own consent themselves.

This facility for Group consent is provided to leaders, and is specifically for groups whose members are WITHOUT the ability to submit their own consent. (eg: those who have no internet; or no smart phones; or no education; or similar – see form content for more.)

Thank you for your kind co-operation and keeping with the intent of the group consent submissions.