GROUP Consent

If you are a Individual/Sovereign authorizing/consenting for yourself (or an other single Individual/Sovereign), please use this form instead:

Click here to scroll to the consent form



Read out loud for highest energetic activation


Read out loud for highest energetic activation











    This multi-step process is introduced to inform best use policy, and to reduce misuse/abuse of the group consent form. ALL SPAM/JOKE-SUBMISSIONS/CHANCERS WILL BE DELETED.



    1. [these people] should NOT be signing the group consent form:
    • members
    • subscribers
    • users
    • individuals
    • participants
    • anyone without the Official Empowerment to sign on behalf of their group
    • anyone who does have internet access and can self-declare
    1. [these groups] should NOT be signing the group consent form:
    • Events, Activities, Protests, Demonstrations or Grass Roots groups
    • Art, Book, Ceramic, Poetry or Special Interest clubs
    • Sporting, Social, Business or Networking groups
    • Crypto or trading groups
    • Military's or any sub-group or any related groups (eg veterans societies)
    • Any Commercial [for-profit] based group, business or affiliation
    • Any group whose members DO have access to internet to record their own consent for themselves


    The above people and group members should please use the Individual/Sovereign Consent form instead.

    Please do NOT continue unless all the above points are true.



    1. [these people] SHOULD be signing the group consent form:
    • Leaders, elders, chiefs
    • Regent, Monarch, President
    • King, Emperor, Queen, Empress
    • Duly Authorized Proxy, Procurator for [any of the above]
    1. [these groups] SHOULD be signing the group consent form:
    • Kingdoms
    • [Autonomous off-grid] Villages, Clans, Tribes ***
    • First Nations Groups
    • Indigenous Peoples
    • Sovereign Groups
    • Common Law Groups ***
    • Workers’ Unions ***

    *** Only if these members do NOT have the ability to self-consent via the individual consent form, eg if these members are rural and have no cell or internet access

    Please do NOT continue unless all the above points are true.


    Special Points the signatories should please take note of:

    1. No Group Duplicates
    • Only ONE representative from each group should be submitting the group consent.
    • To check if your group is not already listed, please click here
    1. Best-Use

    Please do NOT continue unless all the above points are true.

    STEP 4: The Group Consent Form

    you have not completed the previous section(s) correctly

    Please make sure you understand, and agree to, each point in the previous sections. Use the green step-point navigation buttons above, or use the previous buttons at the bottom.

    Please note:
    This form is not multilingual, it fails when you submit with non-Latin character sets. Please fill in the form using English characters (that the computer will be able to process.) Thank you.

    How to Sign a Letter on Someone Else’s Behalf
    Procuration is the official term for signing for someone else. This term is taken from the Latin word procurare meaning “to take care of.” Now, when signing on someone else’s behalf, the signature is preceded by p.p. standing for per procurationem. The p.p. is a signal to the reader that someone signed the letter on behalf of another.

    I am signing the above individual decree on behalf of a GROUP. Procuration Admission:

    Approximately how many individuals are in your GROUP?

    * All fields marked with an asterisk are required

    This date is server-signed (UTC-8), it is the prefix for your proof-of-submission PDF.

    Top-level domains only, no sub-domain e-mails.
    eg: will FAIL __ while: will PASS

    If you do not have an email address, input a family member or friends email so that can you receive confirmation and copy of your signed consent

    If your State or City is not pre-listed in the drop-downs, please scroll to the bottom of the list, select "Other" then add it manually, thank you.


    Please Author/Confirm your consent in the box above in any way you so desire/choose.
    (ie - √⨯+⨯ʘ, your autograph, or a picture doodle etc. Be creative.)

    TIP: zoom in to write easier.
    PC/Desktop: press and hold "Ctrl" then press "+" for each successive zoom in level, or "Ctrl + scroll-up".
    On mobile devices: 2-finger stretch or double-tap.

    Please Note:

    1) Please scroll up and check that all the required fields (marked by an asterisk * ) are filled in first

    2) Please check your spam folder for the reply email with your copy of the completed signed PDF. This is because GoDaddy does not support their own SSL certificates for SMTP mail, even after charging $200/year as a service for managing the certificates. Their non compliance to SMTP e-mail issues is well documented here.

    By submitting your consent, you are hereby energizing / activating your alignment with / agreeing to:

    • Phase 1 (formation of a Global Peoples Monetary System)
    • Phase 2 (taking control of the financial systems and institutions)
    • Phase 3 (distribution and creation of monetary abundance)

    This is the end of the multi-step process - thank you.