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Every Man, Woman and Child is born and is by Nature, Free, Equal, Sovereign and possesses the inherent knowing of what is morally and ethnically right-By definitio, no one can ever be in a position of Authority above another.
I have chosen and am energizing my highest Moral Prinicples and am fully supporting the evolving Divine Plan contained within the Global Peoples Monetary System and Simplified Law (GPMS) through my consent given below. I am Activating my infinite intrinsic value and Right to Create in unison with Others, an inifinite money supply that is used as a tool to provide instant comfort and abudance for All of Humanity. I am also Activating to the fullest, My Creator Absolute Unalienable Rights and Freedoms upon the Earth, as well as in all space and time.

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By submitting your consent, you are hereby energizing / activating your alignment with / agreeing to:
Phase 1 (formation of a Global Peoples Monetary System)
Phase 2 (taking control of the financial systems and institutions)
Phase 3 (distribution and creation of monetary abundance)