GPMS newsletter issue 25

The number of consents with this New Absolute World of, Absolute in Law, Planetary Peace, and Abundance for All, is consistently fanning. We have secured the place of the most liberating and powerful movement ever for the People on the planet, the Children of God. I will be making Public announcements that will be shared worldwide in the near future which will also contain messages for the Churches, Religions, and Beliefs of the planet, in relation to ensuring that their Parishioners and followings know of, and are informed of, and the importance of consenting and joining with is the Divine Plan of God and I am One with Prime Creator, meaning that this Divine Plan is truly serious, and Divinely Ascertained. Much suffering on the planet will be avoided upon prompt action by all becoming aligned with the Divine Plan of You rise above the evil by uniting with this Godly cause, it is the simple choice. Love, Light, and Gratitude to All, You are Free. – Rick Jewers.

USA – The consents in the USA are finally rising. More and more with increasing cost of housing, food and other basic needs. Americans are feeling the pinch. Divine Guardian Emily has began a GPMS party and is planning a gathering of Mothers in the USA this October 15, 2023 @ 5032 34th St Groves, TX 77619 outside @ 7pm.

We are working to have a virtual recording of this event. This gathering is to connect the divine mothers upon the planet and to assist in raising their consciousness to their true empowerment and spiritual truth. We are the divine currency. Our loving energy that creates life and creates happiness for all. The whole planet, we know as mothers the needs of our children, families, brothers, sisters and neighbors.

We step into our full responsibility and divine love to unite for the children and to liberate them from future capitalistic enslavement. Everyone is suggested to host gatherings, and share a more personal experience with the GPMS energy. Ask the children about their ideas of having money to buy their needs. Record them. And share the children’s voices and watch them go viral.

If all you have is a space to gather. And the feeling of wanting something new. Then you have everything you need to come together and get the job done. No one in the USA is waiting for the government to do what should have been done thousands of years ago. The people are taking full responsibility and stepping out of fear and back to oneness. The fake media has become so stagnant with their attempts to control and manipulate the masses that the people are seeing through it and as the people declare “Love” has won, together as one. The USA moves forward in a new era for humanity. The next 3 months will be a major transformation and transition into the new world of sovereignty for every human soul upon the planet. The soul knows the truths about borders, false indoctrination, and what is right.

India – In an era marked by global challenges, societies across the world are actively seeking innovative solutions to promote peace, harmony, abundance, and happiness for all. The Global Peoples’ Monetary System (GPMS) stands as a beacon of hope, fostering unity among nations and emphasizing the unalienable birth rights and freedoms of individuals. This article delves into the development and progress of GPMS and how it has garnered consent and support from diverse nations worldwide.

The Birth of GPMS

The inception of GPMS can be traced back to a recognition of the pressing need for a global monetary system that prioritizes the welfare of humanity over profit and power. Traditional monetary systems often leave vast segments of society in economic disparity and can exacerbate conflicts. GPMS aims to flip this narrative by bringing nations together to cooperate for a more equitable world.

Development and Progress

The development of GPMS has been a collaborative effort that transcends borders and political affiliations. Key milestones in its progress include:

Global Consent: GPMS began as an idea that gained momentum as it resonated with leaders and citizens alike. Nations from all corners of the globe have come forward to pledge their support and consent to the principles of GPMS. This global consensus is a testament to the shared desire for a better future.

Framework for Harmony: GPMS has established a comprehensive framework that promotes economic harmony. It emphasizes sustainable development, responsible resource management, and equitable distribution of wealth. This framework serves as a blueprint for a new era of global cooperation.

Financial Inclusion: GPMS places a strong emphasis on financial inclusion, ensuring that every individual, regardless of their socio-economic background, has access to basic financial services. This commitment to inclusivity is aligned with the unalienable birth rights of people to economic security.

Freedom and Autonomy: GPMS acknowledges the importance of individual freedom and autonomy. It respects the sovereignty of nations and values cultural diversity while also safeguarding the fundamental rights and freedoms of every individual. This approach ensures that no one is left behind.

Sustainable Development: The GPMS initiative has actively promoted sustainable development goals, aiming to address pressing global issues such as climate change, poverty, and inequality. It underscores the importance of long-term prosperity over short-term gains.

Unalienable Birth Rights and Freedom – GPMS places the unalienable birth rights and freedom of individuals at its core. These rights include the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as well as economic security, education, and healthcare. GPMS recognizes that economic stability is a fundamental pillar upon which these rights stand.

Moreover, GPMS respects the right of nations to self-determination, acknowledging that each nation has its unique cultural and historical context. It does not seek to impose a one-size-fits-all solution but rather offers a platform for nations to collaborate and determine their collective destiny.


The Global Peoples’ Monetary System (GPMS) represents a remarkable initiative in the pursuit of global peace, harmony, abundance, and happiness. Its development and progress have garnered support and consent from nations worldwide, reflecting a shared commitment to a brighter future. By emphasizing unalienable birth rights and the freedom of people, GPMS stands as a beacon of hope, offering a path towards a more equitable and harmonious world. As we move forward, it is crucial that nations and individuals continue to unite under the banner of GPMS, working hand in hand to turn these noble ideals into a tangible reality for all. ~Pritam(Guardian)

Philippines – As more and more are getting aware about GPMS through social media and different organizations. Here are some of our brothers and sisters from Bulacan now also engaged to share and collect names of those whom they know. The mother and daughter tandem who are dance fitness instructors, previously registered their consents now have volunteered their support.

And also a former President of Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association have taken action to fully help his co-members and their families to register their consents in this Global Referendum.

As we consistently share and promulgate the Divine Plan more are considering to choose to overcome their fear based mindset and transmute it to trust and hope for the implementation to transpire in the very near future.

Guardians Contact Information & their Current Locations
Guardians, now transient around the world, are open to meeting with any Speakers/Leaders of the People.

Rick Jewers Romania @rickjewers33 (telegram) / FB : Rick Jewers

Lee Mudway Cambodia / @L3333M (telegram) / FB: Lee Mudway

Ao Henry Australia / @AoHenry (telegram) / FB: Henry Draper

Yolanda Toti Spain / @Toti4life (telegram) / FB: Yolanda Toti

Mariana Planells Philippines / @planellsmariana (Instagram) / FB and Lkdn : Mariana Planells

Pritam Kumar India / @starseednlightworker (telegram)

Utsab Kumar Nath India /

Joginder Pal India / @joginder_pal (telegram)

Femke Sjoukje Romania
@IAMLOVEingYou (telegram) / FB: Femke sjoukje

Nga Tran Austria / @ngayintran33 (telegram)

Dean Willis Indonesia / @DeanWillis1111 (telegram)

Denovan Truman UK / @DenovanTruman (telegram)

Darren Sissions UK / @Sizonie (telegram)

Wandra Rigans Uganda / @WANDERA1357 (telegram)

Emily Linn USA / @EmilyLinnMille1 (twitter) / global.peoples.monetary.system (Instagram)

Lody Raymundo Philippines / Lody 4quartz or Lody Krystaleen (telegram) / FB: Lody Raymundo or Krystal Legaspi

Beatrice Dumitrascu Canada /

Consents Worldwide
Total Consents : 59 086
(selected countries)

Thailand: 17 916
Philippines: 17 542
India: 10 707
Peru: 3 241
United States: 3 126
United Kingdom: 849
Canada: 843

Newsletter Issue 25
11 October 2023