Global Peoples
Monetary System
& Divine Law

A Universal Nation, created by us, the People.
We all are the beneficiaries, the keepers of Earth.

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A Peoples Movement of Change, Via a Worldwide Referendum, to Implement a New, ALL Inclusive System

GPMS.World Logical Summary

Most everyone worldwide knows that basically, a majority rules. Under these premises, GPMS is gathering the majority consent/vote, worldwide of evey Child, Woman, and Man to support and ratify into Law the new abundant, peaceful, and free world that GPMS outlines on this website.

Technically and Lawfully, every person/Soul on the planet is a bona fide shareholder of the entire Earths Public infrastruture, including every Child as a shareholder, vital to the logistics of society, which include being an equal shareholder of the worlds internet and financial routing network, two of the necessary mainstays for the GPMS World. This bona fide shareholder status cannot be contested simply because a Child is registered shortly after birth as a sharholder in the nation the Child was born in, and whereas that nation simply engages in worldwide trade and community.

So once We have collected the majority consent worldwide on Our website, the new replacement system is enacted into Law and All will be enjoying a full thriving world absent of poverty and misery, to name only two of the great sufferings Humanity had to endure. Now that the choice is tangibly upon the planet, it becomes the moral obligation of Each to choose the "do no harm" choice over the present system that has been inflicting great unecessary harm on Humanity.

  • abandonment of:
  • taxes and debt
  • loans
  • military
  • payrolls
  • weapons
  • wages
  • abandonment of:
  • competition
  • profits
  • loss
  • working long hours
  • governments
  • restrictions in offsprings
  • implementation of:
  • Free vechicle
  • Free home
  • Poverty eradicated
  • Endless money supply
  • One global currency
  • Free utilities
  • implementation of:
  • Right to travel freely
  • Free choice in world contribution
  • Full planetary clean up
  • Organic foods
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The Plan

We are the Spark of Divine, the People have unbounded power to shift and create.

The time has come for Humanity to establish what is rightfully ours. This plan transitions Humanity from Debt to Comfort and beyond with unlimited Abundance. The unique reality that we have not yet encountered is modeled after this tactic.

This strategy will replace our current situation rather than restructuring what we presently have.

The 3 Phases

acquire consent
Introducing this choice and option (Divine Plan) to All of Humanity. Spreading a rapid and viral Awareness of this choice. Gathering the support and Individual consent of this plan.
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Publicly proclaim
Publicly announcing this voice as a world leader through all forms of communication. Engaging with professional IT Strategists to implement and distribute channel(s) to set up of the worldwide distribution of the funds network.
Distribution worldwide
Start the smooth distribution of moneys and eliminate ALL DEBT for those who have registered. Every person who has registered and gave consent (man, woman, child) receives their initial $20,000.
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3 steps

Claim freedom
I agree to support this proposal
Get involved
I want to volunteer to change the World
Spread The Word
I want to help by spreading the word

The Decree

We are the Spark of Divine, the People have unbounded power to shift and create.


Every Man, Woman and Child is born and is by Nature, Free, Equal, Sovereign and possesses the inherent knowing of what is morally and ethically right – By definition, no one can ever be in a position of Authority above another.

I have chosen and am energizing my highest Moral Principles and am fully supporting the evolving Divine Plan contained within the Global Peoples Monetary System and Simplified Law (GPMS) through my consent given below.

I am Activating my infinite intrinsic value and Right to Create in unison with Others, an infinite money supply that is used as a tool to provide instant comfort and abundance for All of Humanity.

I am also Activating to the fullest, My Creator Absolute Unalienable Rights and Freedoms upon the Earth, as well as in all space and time.

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These unlimited Rights and Freedoms include:

  • Right to Moral and Ethical Choice of Self Determination
  • Right of complete comfort and abundance
  • Right to liberty
  • Right of sustenance
  • Freedom to Love and Harmony
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Unity
  • Freedom of belief
  • Freedom of movement and travel upon Earth, Space, and time
  • Freedom of experience
  • Freedom of expression

Alignment with the new system

Your Consent signifies your alignment with the new system.
-BE the Change!

Within a few short months, unlimited and comfortable money can be created by us, the people. At this time, worldwide numbers are suggesting that the majority of the people are ready to do this.

It requires having individual consent all in one place, to create a voice and make it the reality for all. Everything you have to do to put this plan in motion is activate participation by simpy saying yes.
In other terms, your consent on this plan is all it takes!

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The GPMS in short

The GPMS affirms that there is a Divine Will and a Divine Plan for Creation, and that each of these has its own Divine and Universal Laws that are distinct from all others. GPMS logically unites all people worldwide and then activates their capacity to jointly create a peaceful, liberated, and prosperous world. It recognizes our moral duty to align with Divine Law and act as stewards of this Divine Plan to bring this Earth into Balance, Abundance and Harmony through compassion, higher truth, and divinely inspired wisdom.

GPMS embraces the Votes, Voices & Autographs for *ALL CHILDREN in support of Divine Law regardless of age.

We Create Our own open unlimited flow of money and establish individual comfort worldwide for every woman, man and Child, wiping out lack and poverty, instantly, among many other dis-harmonies that were forced upon the Peoples in the past.

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